RS 170 CCD Camera

Ball Aerospace builds the Intensified RS 170 CCD camera for various military and civilian night vision applications, such as law enforcement, submarine periscopes, combat and ground vehicles, including those compatible with helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The Ball Aerospace high performance and ruggedized Intensified RS-170 Low-Light camera, includes Ball Aerospace’s proprietary Anti-Blooming Technology (ABT) and Enhanced-Automatic Gain Control (E-AGC).

Ball Aerospace’s Intensified RS 170 CCD camera offers maximum interscene dynamic range and instant response to rapidly changing scene lighting. Where standard technology allows three orders of magnitude viewing, our product advances the difference to as much as 100 million to one.

Ball Aerospace’s unique combination of automatic gating and real-time image processing enables the camera to operate from overcast starlight to overcast daylight (eight orders of magnitude), without the use of mechanically inserted filters or iris adjustments. This translates into a high-performing, compact, affordable, and reliable night imaging system.


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