Enhanced Automatic Gain Control

Ball Aerospace’s patent-pending Enhanced Automatic Gain Control (E-AGC) significantly escalates the visibility standards in image-intensified products by offering superior night imaging, automatically and in real time.

Working in conjunction with Ball Aerospace’s patented Anti-Blooming Technology (ABT-21), which virtually eliminates the blinding glare surrounding a light source against a dark background, the E-AGC compensates images to enhance detail in dark areas without compromising information in brighter areas of the scene. Both E-AGC and ABT-21 automatically adapt to accommodate varying light levels in real time.

By integrating these new technologies, Ball Aerospace’s advanced cameras deliver sharp, bloom-free pictures, even under the most difficult lighting conditions. The result is akin to transforming an image from a Rorschach test into a black and white photograph.

The E-AGC also works in conjunction with Ball Aerospace’s Intensified High Definition TV Camera and Miniature CCD Camera.

Enhanced Automatic Gain Control


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