Space-based Instruments & Sensors

Industry-proven experience within the entire electro-magnetic spectrum.

Industry leaders in remote sensing and optics, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. specializes in the following types of space-based instruments and sensors:

  • Payloads (hyperspectral, hypertemporal, electro-optical, infrared, active imaging)
  • Sensors and Instruments (spectrometers, radiometers, advanced cameras, spectrographic)
  • Optics (optical trains, telescopes)

Ball Aerospace is perhaps best known for its work on the Hubble Space Telescope. All of the science instruments currently aboard the landmark telescope are Ball Aerospace-built. Looking to the future, Ball is responsible for the developing the optical system for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to Hubble.

In the defense arena, Ball Aerospace applies its capabilities in instruments and payloads to critical national security missions such as the Space-Based Space Surveillance system.


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