Silhouette Antennas

Silhouette antenna

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. developed and patented the microstrip antenna more than forty years ago and has been at the forefront of low-profile antenna technology ever since. Ball Aerospace antenna technology has provided innovative antenna solutions to the most challenging tactical systems. Our conformal antennas are used for communications, navigation, and identification on missiles, aircraft, ships, spacecraft and land vehicles.

The Silhouette™ family of antennas is designed for integration on tactical vehicles to provide net-centric capability. The family of antennas include:

  • AN0973A Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS)
  • AN0980A UHF Dual Function

Silhouette testing

Fifteen military-style rifle rounds were fired into the Ball Aerospace Silhouette (TM) antenna at a range of 100 yards, simulating an actual combat environment. The antenna continued to function at full capacity after 15 direct hits.

Silhouette™ antennas feature an ultra low profile to minimize the visual signature of a vehicle, clear the line of fire for remote controlled weapons and enable the vehicle to be easily transported by air, land or sea without removal of the antenna. Most importantly, Silhouette™ technology ensures that this advanced capability is available at the right price – truly suitable for integration on ground vehicles.

Advanced communications are critical to the success of our forces, and with a proven track record of providing the best multifunction antennas for rugged, military ground vehicle use, Ball Aerospace is the logical choice for enabling our troops’ information superiority. As one of the largest antenna designers in the world, Ball Aerospace takes great pride in providing our troops with specialized antennas that meet the highest level of performance. The Silhouette™ antennas’ extremely minimal visual profile, improved performance and affordability make it the logical choice.


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