Ball Aerospace is participating in the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) by contributing three podcast episodes to the 365 Days of Astronomy website, an educational podcast inspired by IYA2009. The website features podcast episodes written, recorded and produced by people all around the world.


This Oct. 24, 2010 podcast called "Triple the MIssion, Triple the Fun" features Ball Aerospace employee Tom Bank talking about the EPOXI mission for the 365 Days of Astronomy. This podcase led up to the Nov. 4, 2010 flyby of comet Hartley 2.

K2: Kepler’s Second Act

The August 26, 2014 podcast "The K2 Mission: Kepler’s Second Act" features Ball Aerospace Program Manager John Troeltzsch. The K2 mission is continuing Kepler’s ground-breaking discoveries in the field of exoplanet discovery and expanding its role into new and exciting astrophysical observations. Kepler’s loss of a second spacecraft reaction wheel in 2013 effectively ended data collection in the original Kepler field after 4 years of continuous monitoring. But all other Kepler assets remain intact and are now being used for the K2 mission.


The August 12, 2010 podcast "Kepler Keeps on Giving" features John Troeltzsch,Ball Aerospace Program Manager.  It  has been more than a year since the planet-hunting Kepler mission began its search for Earth-like planets. A stream of data is delivered regularly to Kepler scientists as observations continue round-the-clock during the three year mission. What’s the latest?

The September 10, 2009 podcast, "A-hunting we will go!" features Ball Program Manager John Troeltzsch discussing the Kepler mission. Kepler is hunting for planets in the habitable zone and may confirm the existence of other Earth-size and smaller planets.  

James Webb Space Telescope

"The Mirrors that Make James Webb," was the March 25, 2010 podcast. It features Mark Bergeland, Ball Aerospace’s program manager for the Webb Telescope mission, discussing the progress being made on the telescope’s amazing mirrors.


The December 4, 2009 podcast, "The WISE mission," features Ball Aerospace WISE Program Manager Joan Howard discussing the infrared-sensitive telescope.

Hubble Space Telescope

The July 23 podcast, “Everything Old is New Again,” features Ball’s Dennis Ebbets discussing the May 2009 STS-125 shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronauts for NASA’s STS-125 servicing mission to the Hubble installed two science instruments built by Ball Aerospace during the 13-day mission in May 2009 and completed critical repairs to two previously installed Ball science instruments.

For more information about Ball’s work on Hubble: http://www.ballaerospace.com/page.jsp?page=69

The International Year of Astronomy celebrates the first astronomical use of the telescope by Galileo - a momentous event that initiated 400 years of astronomical discoveries and triggered a scientific revolution which profoundly affected our worldview.


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