Cryogen Fuel Storage


Two 8000 liter liquid Hydrogen storage tanks during integration into Boeing's Phantom Eye HALE airframe.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. cryogenics technologies are used in tactical military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions to enhance platform and payload capabilities.

Our cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage tanks are used to fuel high altitude long endurance (HALE) aircraft, enabling longer mission times compared to conventional methods of fuel storage. Several of these high capacity tanks rely on Ball Aerospace-patented next-generation integrated multi-layer insulation (xMLI) technologies for long storage life and lighter weight.

hydrogen storage tank

A 400 liter liquid Hyrdrogen storage tank being fitted with our patented next generation multi-layer insulation.

In addition to fuel storage, we provide advanced cryogenic control systems, refueling and maintenance systems solutions that enable persistent operation and safe system handling. Similar products have been designed to store liquid hydrogen and oxygen at cryogenic temperatures for use in large and small displacement unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)-- more than doubling energy capacities over batteries.

Ball Aerospace low-temperature, high-capacity mechanical cryocoolers offer an alternative method for cooling long and very long wave infrared (LWIR and VLWIR) sensors aboard military platforms. Since no replenishment of cryogen is required, these cryocoolers allow extended mission times at temperatures below 25 Kelvin.



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