Tactical Laser Applications

LIDAR Total Sight

Total Sight Flash LIDAR single data collect of Sports Authority Field, Denver, Colo.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. provides real-time 3D LIDAR systems for tactical military and intelligence/surveillance missions. Our Total Sight™ Flash LIDAR has flown on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft, providing enhanced 3D visualization via real-time display. Our tactical LIDAR systems and supporting software provide general situational awareness, precision tactical analysis, landing zone hazard detection, battlefield mission planning and damage assessment.

In addition to Flash LIDAR, our active remote sensing solutions push the boundaries of performance using non-conventional imaging techniques to provide very long range target tracking and identification.

Ball Aerospace pioneered development of airborne optical communications programs by demonstrating some of the first operational systems. Our family of optical communication products now includes Risley Prism-based terminals with wide field of regard for conformal airborne optical communications.

LIDAR demonstration:  Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colo.


LIDAR demonstration: Sports Authority Field at Mile High and Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colo. 





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