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December 20, 2012 Ball Aerospace Integrates Four of Five Payloads onto STPSat-3
December 12, 2012 NASA'S Hubble Provides First Census of Galaxies Near Cosmic Dawn
December 5, 2012 NASA-NOAA Satellite built by Ball Aerospace Reveals New Views of Earth at Night
November 19, 2012 Ball Aerospace Selected by NASA for TEMPO Air Pollution Mission
November 15, 2012 Ball Aerospace Wins S-Band Phased Array Demonstration for NASA Space Launch System
November 15, 2012 George Birsic Joins Ball Aerospace Washington Office
November 14, 2012 Kepler Completes Prime Mission, Begins Extended Mission
November 8, 2012 Ball Aerospace Celebrates Suomi NPP One Year Anniversary
October 30, 2012 Ball Aerospace/B612 Foundation Sign Contract for Sentinel Mission
October 29, 2012 Ball Aerospace's Jeff Osterkamp Honored by Women'sVision Foundation
October 24, 2012 Ball Aerospace OMPS Instrument Delivers 2012 Ozone Measurements
October 18, 2012 Ball Aerospace Wins National Assessment Group Contract
October 5, 2012 Ball Aerospace Opens the Aperture at annual GEOINT Conference
October 3, 2012 Ball Aerospace and Lockheed Martin Highlight F-35 Lightning II Capabilities at Cockpit Demonstration Event
September 19, 2012 Ball Aerospace Ships First James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors to NASA
September 11, 2012 Ball Aerospace Names Tim Harris Vice President and General Manager for National Defense
August 29, 2012 WISE Survey Uncovers Millions of Black Holes
August 21, 2012 Ball Aerospace Leads Green Propellant Technology Demonstration Mission for NASA
August 15, 2012 NASA selects Ball Aerospace for Green Propellant Technology Demonstration Mission
August 13, 2012 Ball Aerospace Incorporates Enhanced Data Communication for JPSS-1 Satellite
August 13, 2012 Media Advisory: The Next Generation of Astronomy
August 9, 2012 Ball Aerospace Tapped for Hamilton Sundstrand ONR Demonstration
August 6, 2012 Ball Aerospace Demonstrates Prototype X-band SATCOM On-the-Move Phased Array Antenna
August 6, 2012 NASA's Curiosity Rover Caught in the Act of Landing by HiRISE
July 23, 2012 Ball Aerospace Salutes NASA and the USGS on 40 Years of Landsat Observations
July 19, 2012 Ball Aerospace's STPSat-3 to Fly Solar TIM Instrument for NOAA
July 17, 2012 Ball Aerospace Announces Five Payloads for STPSat-3 Satellite
June 28, 2012 ATK Completes Software TIM for Liberty under NASA's Commercial Crew Program
June 28, 2012 B612 Foundation Announces First Privately Funded Deep Space Mission
June 27, 2012 Ball Aerospace Sponsors AFMC Freedom's Call Tattoo
June 15, 2012 Ball Aerospace Southwest Ops Recognized with Cogswell Award
May 17, 2012 NASA Survey Counts Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
May 16, 2012 Ball Aerospace Submits Solar Electric Propulsion Concept to NASA
May 9, 2012 HiRISE Detects Large Changes In Martian Sand Dunes
May 8, 2012 Ball Aerospace Names Jeff Osterkamp Vice President for Engineering
April 26, 2012 WISE Catches Aging Star Erupting With Dust
April 16, 2012 Ball Aerospace Named a Top Workplace by the Denver Post
April 13, 2012 Ball Aerospace Opens the Aperture at 28th Annual National Space Symposium
April 12, 2012 Ball Aerospace's STPSat-2 Completes Experimental Mission
April 5, 2012 NASA Extends Kepler Mission Through 2016
March 14, 2012 NASA Releases New WISE Mission Catalog of Entire Infrared Sky
March 13, 2012 Ball Aerospace Suomi NPP Satellite for NASA Completes Commissioning
March 8, 2012 Ball Aerospace Kepler Mission for NASA Awarded Aviation Week's Laureate Award
March 7, 2012 The Serpent Dust Devil of Mars
March 1, 2012 Ball Aerospace Ships Microwave Imager for NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
February 27, 2012 Photo Release -- Ball Aerospace Begins Test Series for James Webb Space Telescope Final Optical Components
January 30, 2012 Ball Aerospace Names Robert D. Strain as Chief Operating Officer
January 26, 2012 Ball Aerospace-Built OMPS Instrument Onboard NPP Satellite Returns First Data
January 25, 2012 NASA Renames Earth-Observing Mission in Honor of Satellite Pioneer
January 23, 2012 Ball Aerospace Makes Progress for NASA's Joint Polar Satellite System-1 Spacecraft
January 10, 2012 Ball Aerospace Submits Cryogenic Propellant Storage Mission Concept to NASA





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