Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. is an industry leader and supplier-of-choice for advanced-technology products for governmental and commercial customers.

We design and manufacture products as large as complete satellite systems and subsystems, and as small as advanced antennas for personal communication services.

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Satellites & Spacecraft

BCP Family

Specialty Spacecraft

Instruments & Sensors

Electro-optical Sensors

Tactical Electro-Optical

Advanced Imaging

Cryogen Fuel Storage

Pointing & Tracking Mechanisms

Tactical Laser Applications

Technical Services

Antennas & Microwave Systems


Conformal Antennas

Low Observable Antennas

Phased Arrays

Reflector Antennas

RF Subsystems

Silhouette Antennas

Tactical Antennas

Aerospace Technology
& Components

Ball InfraRed Black Coating

Fast-steering Mirrors

Star Trackers

Laser Applications


Vac Kote Lubricants