BCP Spacecraft Family

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The BCP is a family of spacecraft designed for cost-effective, remote sensing applications. Built on a customizable, proven spacecraft design, the BCP accommodates a wide range of payloads, including optical applications with sub-meter resolutions and synthetic aperture radar. These include the:

  • BCP 100, a perfect small satellite solution, offering a rapid response to meet mission requirements.
  • BCP 300, ideal for operational and technology demonstration missions.
  • BCP 2000, offering quick re-targeting and greater agility for Earth remote-sensing payloads.
  • BCP 5000, providing increased power, stability, agility, and data storage and transmission, as the demand for Earth remote sensing information becomes more comprehensive.

The BCP can be built in as little as 24 months and a variety of options are available including:

  • Communication standards
  • Power and propulsion capabilities
  • Payload interfaces
  • Onboard data storage

The BCP system can also include an on-orbit delivery package including:

  • Launch vehicle and commissioning activities
  • Mission control facilities and support
  • Remote ground stations
  • Image processing

Even data continuity can be customized on the Ball platform. Data can be sent to the ground with only a few seconds delay, or stored for transmission at a later time. Built-in redundancy helps to create more reliability in the system.

The architecture of the BCP is common across the spacecraft family, so migration to larger systems for future missions is easily accomplished.


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